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Coke Canada Bottling and COVID-19

Coke Canada Bottling is an independent, family-owned business. Our people are the DNA of our organization. The safety of our over 5,700 team members and those we serve is our number one priority. 

Our company’s Mission is more critical to us today than ever: to create a better future and deliver optimism for our customers, our consumers, our communities, and our employees.


Our teams are working around the clock to ensure our products get into the hands of the essential services that Canadians are counting on, like grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and healthcare facilities. We are proud to be a part of Canadian and provincial critical infrastructures and our hard-working teams are playing vital roles in delivering our customers and consumers a sense of optimism and normalcy they’re looking for during these challenging times.


Safety First is one of our core values. We are carefully following guidelines provided by public health authorities and taking precautionary steps to do what we can to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Our products are safe. Health officials have noted that there is no known transmission of COVID-19 through food. Our stringent processes and procedures ensure that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards.


Ensuring the Safety of our Employees

The safety of our employees, and those we serve, is our top priority. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve followed guidelines provided by public health authorities, developed and implemented new procedures, and have been working to evolve what we do and how we do it to stop the spread of this disease.


We have implemented a number of measures to protect our employees, including:


  • Reinforcing our physical distancing and hygiene protocols (washing hands) as well as providing hand sanitizers in all of our warehouses, offices, manufacturing facilities, and vehicles.

  • Asking employees who don’t feel well to stay home and contact public health for guidance.

  • Restricting unnecessary visits and group meetings and focusing efforts on the cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces where our employees work, including vehicles.

  • Limiting business travel and are encouraging our field sales teams to connect with customers using digital tools.

  • Providing masks to all employees working outside of the home. Masks are mandatory in all Coke Canada Bottling facilities and for all frontline employees when they visit customers.

  • Providing our frontline employees and field associates with supplies to ensure they can keep their vehicles clean.

  • Implementing shift staggering and created physical distancing markers on the floors in our facilities.

  • Instituting flexible work-from-home policies for most of our office staff and only business-critical employees are on-site at our facilities.

  • Instituting new protocols for employees who are not feeling well, and for potential and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19, allowing Coke Canada Bottling to identify potential close contacts, and ensure extra cleaning of appropriate areas, if necessary.

  • We have instituted daily crew talks reinforcing our COVID-19 protocols to employees.



Supporting our Employees:

We have also implemented measures to lessen the financial burden on our employees.

  • We have extended short-term disability benefits related to COVID-19 to all employees who don’t already have coverage and are waiving the usual waiting period, so coverage is effective immediately.

  • We have simplified our short-term disability claims process related to COVID-19 through our benefits program to make it simpler for any employees that had to self-isolate for health-based issues and have used all their sick days.

  • We have provided our employees with the app offered by Health Canada which enables them to check for symptoms before coming to work.



Supporting our Customers

Our customers continue to face unplanned and unprecedented pressures. COVID-19 has challenged businesses large and small in ways no one could ever have imagined. We are working to support the foodservice industry and our retail customers with multi-dimensional response efforts.


  • We launched the national #LoveYourLocal campaign, which is grounded in our local bottler presence and commitment to the communities in which we operate. The campaign embodies the importance of supporting local businesses with a compelling call-to-action for all Canadians.

  • With our partners at Coca-Cola Ltd., we launched Coca-Cola Rapid Response Resource Canada. The website provides free resources to assist restaurants and foodservice operators during the crisis and as our economy begins to re-open. The site includes tips for optimizing takeout and drive-through operations, the latest on COVID-19 safety guidelines for restaurants, fountain equipment start up aids, information about third-party restaurant delivery services, and more.

  • Along with Coca-Cola Ltd, we are partnering with Sheridan College’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies to design, produce, and distribute protective countertop shields for small, local businesses across the Greater Toronto Area. The shields will help consumers confidentially shop and engage with store operators, knowing that measures are in place to help prevent community spread of COVID-19. Find out more on this project here.

  • We continue to promote #TakeoutDay, the nationwide movement from Restaurants Canada encouraging Canadians to order takeout to help support local restaurants and the food industry.  


Supporting our Communities

Many of our local teams are working around the clock to help our local bottler communities. We are focused on donating needed beverages to support healthcare workers, first responders, and residents of economically disadvantaged communities.


  • We are supporting our frontline health care workers, first responders, and local community organizations with product donations whenever possible. To date, we have donated thousands of cases of product to over 30 organizations across the country.

  • We have supported the Canadian Red Cross, in partnership with Coca-Cola Ltd., with beverage donations to the COVID-19 quarantine centres in Cornwall and Trenton, Ontario.

  • The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company, awarded a total of $13.5 million USD (approx. $19.59 million CAD) in grants to non-profit organizations that are working on the front lines of humanitarian response to the coronavirus pandemic. The two Canadian organizations who received grants are:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada: A grant of US$750,000 (~ C$1 million) to provide food and essentials for families and club employees who are struggling; care for children of emergency health workers; mental health and counselling services; and other emergency needs.

  • Food Banks Canada: A grant of US$750,000 (~ C$1 million) to provide food to communities during the outbreak, supporting a network of more than 650 food bank organizations and 4,500 distribution centres.

  • We continue to identify opportunities where we can assist in our local communities. You can read more details on some of our efforts highlighted on our LinkedIn page.


This is a generational-defining moment, and we are all grappling with change and uncertainty. Through it all, we have been amazed by the spirit of community felt across our company and from the partners we work with every day. We will continue to do our part by delivering optimism to Canadians.

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Read about how our partners at Coca-Cola in Canada are responding to the outbreak here.

Ten provinces. 50 facilities. 5,700 amazing employees. We are Coke Canada Bottling. 

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Coke Canada Bottling is an independent, family-owned business, with more than 5,700 diverse employees coast-to-coast. As Canada’s local bottler, we have operations in every province through our more than 50 sales and distribution centres and five manufacturing facilities.

We proudly make, distribute, merchandise, and sell the most loved beverages Canadians enjoy including: Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola® Stevia, Sprite®, Fanta®, Barq’s®, NESTEA®, POWERADE®, DASANI®, vitaminwater®, and distribute partner brands Canada Dry®, Monster Energy®, and A&W®.

The Coke Canada Bottling family is a team determined to create a better future and deliver optimism by bringing sustainable value for our employees, customers and consumers, grow our business responsibly, and make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

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